How To Choose The Perfect Barbecue Grill

Mon 30 October 2017

Learn About Types of Grills

Barbecues and outdoor grills can be categorized in many different ways. First, consider the type of fuel used to light the grill. Charcoal has long been a traditional fuel for barbecues and while many people enjoy the flavor of the food cooked on a charcoal grill, the length of time required to prepare the grill for cooking can be a drawback. Recent innovations in charcoal cooking, however, have created a renewed interest in this method of outdoor cooking.

Barbecues fueled by gas, both natural and propane have elevated outdoor cooking to an enjoyable, convenient way of preparing almost any type of food. With the push of a button, various burners light to create a cooking situation very similar to a kitchen range. Even cooking temperatures are a definite plus with gas grills. Specially designed burners allow for a continuous flow of gas to heat the cooking surfaces. Insulated hoods create an oven-like effect, which makes roasting everything from vegetables, to meats and fish a tasty experience.

Secondly, grills can be categorized by their mobility. Portable barbecues are cooking ovens mounted on a self-contained cart. The cart usually features wheels and may also include a storage shelf and storage doors. If you are using propane as your fuel of choice, the propane tank fits conveniently on the storage shelf.

A built-in style grill, on the other hand, allows you to create the kitchen of your dreams-outdoors! A built-in grill is just that: a grill built in to a constructed frame and finished with various non-combustible materials. By choosing various components including grill heads, side burners, wok cookers, warming drawers, refrigerators, beverage dispensers and storage doors, you may customize your outdoor entertainment center to suit your needs and your style. Let creativity be your guide when finishing your outdoor kitchen. Rock, brick, tile, marble and granite are popular choices for that truly customized look.

Consider also the materials used to construct the grill, carts and accessories. Porcelain coated steel is a long lasting, cost effective choice that cleans easily and offers color choices for many grill models. Some manufacturers include durable cast iron or porcelain coated cast iron for an alternative or enhancement to specific areas of the grill body, burners or grilling grates.

Stainless steel has emerged as the material of choice for barbecues, however the use of this material is usually reflected in the price of the unit. Stainless steel is an extremely long lasting, durable product that is easy to clean and has a professional, sleek appearance. Stainless steel does not rust or tarnish and has long been used by restaurateurs for ranges and ovens. Eighteen gauge #304 stainless steel is the most desirable quality of stainless steel for cooking products such as gas grills and barbecues.

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